Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I used to attend a regional HEDIS or regional Health Plan Accreditation meeting. Does the Health Care Quality Congress replace that?

A. The new agenda merges together NCQA’s two previous regional Health Plan Accreditation and HEDIS meetings. This meeting goes beyond just providing an update on the measures—the Health Care Quality Congress expands the conversation about QI and HEDIS, with training from NCQA and more. Read the press release.

Q. How is this conference beneficial for the seasoned health care management professional responsible for managing, implementing, and assessing Health Plan Accreditation surveys and results, as well as those professionals gathering, analyzing, or reporting HEDIS data?

A. The Health Care Quality Congress will be the first opportunity after the data is released to ask questions, learn about the latest developments in Health Plan Accreditation and HEDIS directly from our experts, and expand your ability to offer high-quality care through a new, expanded agenda.

Q. Who can I expect to meet in Dallas this October?

A. Learn and network with experienced peers and faculty, including:

  • Accreditation Managers/Directors/Vice Presidents
  • CEOs
  • Clinical Audit Coordinators
  • Consultants
  • HEDIS Auditors, Data Analysts, and Program Managers/Directors
  • Health Plan Accreditation Professionals
  • Medical Directors
  • Quality Improvement Managers/Directors
  • Regulatory Compliance Managers/Directors/Vice Presidents

Q. Where can I get support materials to share with my employer for approval to attend the Health Care Quality Congress?

A. Share the Save the Date card and letter of introduction about the meeting. Join the mailing list for updates to share with members of your organization, or call 877-878-3075.



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If you have specific questions about HEDIS or Health Plan Accreditation, submit them to for a prompt response.


Things to Know

NCQA’s Health Plan Accreditation
NCQA Accreditation is the most comprehensive evaluation in the industry, and the only assessment that bases results on clinical performance (i.e., HEDIS measures) and consumer experience (i.e., CAHPS measures).

Accreditation and Certification Users Group
The Accreditation and Certification Users Group (ACUG) is an innovative and interactive community for customers of NCQA’s Accreditation, Certification, and Distinction products.

HEDIS Users Group
For those involved in the implementation of HEDIS, prepare by joining NCQA’s HEDIS Users Group (HUG).